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The adventure begins. I'm preparing to bike across the United States. 3100 miles in 50 riding days. Come along with me...while I train, wander and search for chocolate.

West to East

Most cross country tours, Southern or Northern Routes go West to East. The logic and reasoning says that it is to take advantage of the prevailing headwinds. I believed it. I bought that story.

Down here, on the ground, on my little bike, I can tell you, it’s a

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Does anybody know what time zone we are in?

Humor. As the days grind on, I’m trying to find the humor. Something to smile at, anything. Last week it was time changes.

So here’s the set up. We stayed in Kingston, New Mexico at a off the beaten path lodge/B&B. Town population 30 people,

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Mechanical Beasts

We are at the mercy of these contraptions carrying us across the country. Each of us has a bike, and they all have two wheels, a handlebar and a seat. That’s about all that they have in common. There are hybrids with straight handle bars, a tri bike with

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The prelude is over...

This is Jared, from Duncan, Arizona. He thinks I’m crazy, openly told me so right from the inside of his pick up truck as I was walking into lunch at Hilda’s. I laughed, he smiled and we agreed that maybe I am crazy. Then he came out shook

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