Michele McGuinness - Looking Forward

St. Augustine Beach


I biked 3000 miles from the Pacific to the Atlantic. It took 48 bike days. It also was a long time to be away from home with lots of sacrifices from family and amazing support from family and friends (and all of you!) Thank you.


I'll have more

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Yesterday when I got up and went out to stow my bags in the van, I felt funny walking in my clackety bike shoes. And then I got on my bike, started spinning, and suddenly it felt right. As if this is all my legs know how to do now,

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There are no shortcuts

Only 14 riding days left. We have a rest day in a small Louisiana town. I’m happy to be staying in the cottage at a ninth generation family owned plantation with a coffee pot and a porch. Not that you can use the porch, because, you know, bugs. Muddy

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Nitty Gritty

Most days, when we are not riding, eating, or sleeping, we spend half our life packing and unpacking. Reorganizing bike gear, laundering bike clothes and making sure we have everything we need to get down the road. I thought you might want to know what it takes.

Starting clothing depends

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